Jenny Snyder of Sunlands Guest Cottage

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For the past thirty plus years, the Sunland estate has been under the loving care of Jenny and Mark Snyder.  Raised on a 3000 acre farm in Minnesota, Jenny drove a tractor before a car!  Rather then stay inside to help her mother out with chores, Jenny preferred to sneak outside to join her father and brothers.   She soaked up billions of brain cells of farming knowledge from them.  She also loved to disappear out on her horse!  But do not confuse her with a tom-boy, in college she was crowned Miss St. Cloud.  

Today, not a lot has changed.  Jenny is a farmer, a fashionista, and an amazing cook!  She over-sees Sunland Vineyards and Guest Cottage.  Over the years, the land has been transformed from a cattle ranch, to a goat farm, to a Morgan horse farm, and now to a fertile vineyard.  (Thanks in part to ash deposited by Mt. St. Helens)   Around the neighborhood,  Jenny is known as the egg-lady as she generously shares her free-range-organic-farm fresh eggs!

Jenny and Mark's love for youth has inspired them to host over 91 exchange students.    Rather then hit 100, they are extending an invitation to you, to vacation in the sun, while staying at their fun-loving Guest Cottage.   Walk the Vineyard with your sweety hand in hand!   It’s a FUN-loving romantic weekend getaway that you’ll want to keep returning to!

Get ready to thoroughly enjoy yourself!  Jenny is a woman who has always been ahead of her time, and is always ready to have a sweet time! (G-rated!)   

Meet Jenny & Mark Snyder

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